Here are some examples of the great products you
can add to your installation product line:


Uniden Bearcat BCD536HP Police Scanner.png

Uniden BCD536HP Scanner

·      The newest police, fire, EMS and all public safety radio system scanner from Uniden

·      TDMAII/Phase II digital signal compliant

·      Pre-programmed with the entire Radio Reference database for the US and Canada

·      Installs just like a car stereo

·      Able to be integrated into car audio stereo systems

·      Customizable listening to any combination police, fire, EMS, statewide public safety, and nearly and genera of public safety radio


o   Antenna (Back of Set)

o   Mobile DC Power Adapter

o   AC Adapter

o   USB Cable

o   Three-wire Harness

o   Mounting Bracket and Hardware









HomePatrol1 Window Mounted Installers.jpg


Uniden Home Patrol Scanner

·      Easily installed and integrated into any RV, truck, or feet vehicle sound system

·      Preprogrammed with Radio Reference frequencies throughout the US and Canada

·      Optional accessories include GPS reception for seamless transition from one public safety system to another

·      Customizable listening to any combination police, fire, EMS, statewide public safety, and nearly and genera of public safety radio

·      Window mount and pedestal mounts available to fit all customer needs


o    Flex Antenna

o    AC Power Adapter

o    DC Power Cable

o    Desk Stand

o    USB Cable

o    4 AA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries

o    Quick Start Guide









996xt png.png

Uniden BCD996XT Digital Scanner


·      Analog and digital

·      TrunkTracker IV with Control-Channel Only scanning and I-Call monitoring: Tracks voice traffic on P25, Motorola, EDACS, and LTR Trunked systems

·      Programmable for as many as 25,000 frequencies

·      12 Service Searches - Public Safety, News, HAM Radio, Marine, Railroad, Air, CB Radio, FRS/GMRS, Racing, Military Air, FM Broadcast, and Special (Itinerant)



o   AD-1009 AC Adapter

o   Cigarette Lighter Adapter Power Cord

o   Three-Wire Harness

o   Mounting Bracket and Hardware

o   Telescopic Antenna with BNC

o   PC Serial Cable 4'

o   CD ROM with Owner's Manual

o   DIN-0001 Mounting Sleeve and Keys

Antenna no background copy.gif


 Mobile Antennas

·      Affordable, high margin antennas from the most basic to the most sophisticated

·      Low profile antennas available

·      Wideband and single band options

·      Magnetic mounts, trunk lip mounts, NMO hole mounts and all in one options available

·      Through-the-glass antennas for neat installations

gps antenna police scanner.png

GPS Antenna

·      GPS Antenna Accessory ensures police scanner listeners hear only relevant local public safety audio as they move from one part of North America to another

audio Interupt.png

Audio Interrupt


·      Automatically turn down stereo volume to hear an incoming two-way radio message, GPS or vehicle management text to speech device

·      Fully automatic

·      Safer driving while hearing everything a driver needs to hear



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